Clinics and Services

At Salford Medical Centre, we provide a range of services and clinics for all our patients. Please see below for further information.

If you would like to use one of these clinics or services, please visit our Consulting Room or Health Review and Assessment Clinic


Asthma is a common breathing condition which can cause breathing difficulties, the treatment for asthma usually involves inhalers. Some people have very mild asthma and others can have more severe symptoms. Either way we encourage all patients with asthma to attend for an annual review with our nurse to have their breathing and medication assessed to ensure your treatment is the most appropriate. Some patients on inhaler treatment for asthma do not require to use their medication all year round, however it is still important for us to review you every 12 months. Please be aware that ordering 3 or more Ventolin inhalers within a 6-12 months period will trigger an asthma review with the practice nurse.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an annual review of your asthma symptoms, please complete our Asthma Review form.

As mentioned asthma is a very common condition which can start as a child or as an adult, in some cases where children are diagnosed with asthma the symptoms may disappear as they get older. It is important if your child has asthma to bring them for their annual review with the nurse.

Cervical Screening

Cervical Screening or smear test is a test which checks for changes in the cells of a woman’s cervix. For many women the test comes back as normal and if you are aged between 25-50 you will be asked to come back in 3 years. If you are aged 50-65 you will be asked to come back in 5 years. If you have any concerns before your next smear test is due then you should book an appointment to discuss these concerns with the doctor.

For some women a smear test will show changes, if this is the case the laboratory where the sample is tested will refer you directly to the local colposcopy clinic for follow up. It is important if you receive an abnormal result to attend the colposcopy clinic where they will look at your cervix in more detail. If you receive a letter advising that you are being referred to the colposcopy clinic and do not receive an appointment within 4 weeks then you should contact us to chase this referral for you.

If you receive your letter to come for a smear and you’re not sure if you’d like the test performed, we would encourage you to make an appointment to see our practice nurse and discuss any concerns or queries you have with her.

Child Immunisations

We are responsible for a newborn babies 8 week health checks and their routine immunsations as part of the National Immunisation Programme.

When your baby is due their immunisations you will receive a yellow slip in the post from the Child Health department advising you what immunisations they are due. When you receive the slip please, contact the surgery by completing our Ask Reception A Question form. 

At 8 weeks old your baby will attend the surgery and have an appointment with one of our doctors and nurse for their 8 week health check and their first immunisations. The 8 week health check is extremely important for your baby as for many children it’s the first time they’ve been reviewed by a doctor since they were born. All being well and your baby being in good health, your baby will receive their first immunisations. If your baby is unwell on the day of their appointment please still bring them to the surgery, the doctor can still perform the 8 week check. Please be aware depending on your baby’s symptoms the doctor may want you to bring them back for their immunisations at a later date.

In the UK babies have immunisations at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks. Their next immunisations will be around 13 months and the last injections they will receive from us will be their pre-school booster given around 3 years 4 months of age. We also offer all 2-4 year old children the nasal flu during the flu season which runs September to March. Further immunisations given as part of the National Immunisation Programme will be given whilst your child is at school.

Immunisations must be given a minim of 4 weeks apart. Due to how busy we are for appointments we encourage booking the appointment as soon as possible. Please be aware if you cancel the appointment there may be a wait of up to 4 weeks for the next one.

The immunisations given in the UK will protect your child from:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Pertussis (whooping cough)
  • Polio
  • Haemophilus Influenzae type B
  • Hepatitis B
  • Meningitis B
  • Meningitis C
  • Pneumococcal
  • Rotavirus
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella


We offer 2 forms of contraception: the pill and the depo (injection).

If you are interested in starting one of these options then you will need to book an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss this further.

The Pill

The pill is the most common form of contraception and there are many to choose from. When you see the doctor they will discuss which is the right pill for you taking into account many other factors including your current health, family history etc. Usually you will be given a 3 month prescription to start with to see how you get on, this may be increased to 6 months if the pill suits you.

Please note to obtain further prescriptions of your pill you will be required to have an appointment at the surgery for a pill check; this is so we can monitor your blood pressure and check how you are getting on.

If you are experiencing problems you think may be related to using the pill please do not hesitate to contact us before your review appointment.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review, please complete our Contraceptive Pill Review form.

The Depo

The depo is another common form of contraception that is administered via injection every 12-13 weeks. If the depo is your chosen method of contraception, the doctor will administer your first injection if it is appropriate to be given at that time.

You will then need to attend the surgery every 12-13 weeks for a further injection with the practice nurse. We recommend booking these appointments in advance and setting a reminder in your phone for when this is due.

Other Forms Of Contraception

There are of course other methods of contraception that we do not currently offer at the surgery. If you are interested in more long acting contraception such as the implant or coil then you will need to contact our nearest sexual health centre. This is run by the SHINE service and can be contacted by calling 0161 206 1099.


COPD is a common breathing condition which mainly affect middle aged / older adults who have a history of smoking. People with COPD tend to experience increased breathlessness, coughs and possibly more chest infections than your average adult. Treatment of COPD is similar to asthma in that you will be prescribed inhaler treatment and potentially other medication. Depending on your symptoms you may be offered pulmonary rehabilitation.

Patients with COPD should attend the surgery every year for a review which includes having a breathing test called a spirometry. A spirometry helps us see how mild / severe your COPD is and aids our nurse or doctor in prescribing the correct treatment for you.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a COPD assessment, please complete our COPD Assessment form.


Patients who have diabetes will see our practice nurse for an annual review each year. At your annual review we will take a blood sample to check your HbA1c levels (this blood test helps us know how well controlled your diabetes is). We encourage our diabetic patients to have their HbA1c level checked every 6 months. If your levels are too high we may advise having them checked more often than this.

Diabetic patients are also required to have their feet checked every year as well as having an eye test.

Foot checks are completed at the practice for patients who are identified as being low risk of foot problems, for patients who are identified as medium or high risk they will be referred to see the specialist podiatrists and are then followed up by them each year.

Eye checks are done by the diabetic retinopathy screening service. When you eye test is done they will write to you to book your appointment. If you fail to respond to 2 letters from the service, you will then be sent a reminder letter from the practice.

Heart Disease

Our patients who have been diagnosed with heart problems including: angina, ischaemia heart disease, history of having a heart attack, heart failure amongst others will be invited to attend the surgery for an annual review each year.

At your review with our practice nurse we will check on your lifestyle, check your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse as well as checking some blood tests to check any medication you are taking is effective.

Whilst you may be under a specialist at the hospital it is important to also attend the surgery when we invite you in for your review.


If you have hypertension (high blood pressure) we will invite you in for an annual review with our practice nurse.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit your blood pressure readings on a regular basis, please complete our Blood Pressure Review form. 

Having high blood pressure can increase your risks of developing other serious conditions such as: heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease etc. The treatment for high blood pressure is usually medication along with making lifestyle changes such as losing weight and stopping smoking.

Routine Vaccination

We participate in National Immunisation Schedule and offer the following vaccinations free of charge to those patients who are eligible.

Influenza (flu)

The flu jab is available between September and March. Patients who are eligible will receive a letter each year advising them when to make an appointment. Eligible patients include: Patients over 65, women who are pregnant, patients with certain medical conditions, patients living in care or nursing homes and people who are a carer for someone else. Anyone who we have identified as being eligible for a flu vaccination will be sent a letter from the practice inviting them to attend.

If you are not eligible for a free flu jab but you still wish to have the injection, you can attend any local pharmacy who offer the flu jab for them to give it to you (although there will be a charge for this).


The Men ACWY injection is 1 injection that protects against 4 strains of the meningococcal bacteria which can cause meningitis. Students in year 9 of high school are now being offered this vaccine as part of the school immunisation programme. Anyone who was born after 1st September 1996 can go to their GP to have the Men ACWY given up to their 25th birthday. The Men ACWY injection is highly recommended for patients who are starting university or college for the first time. Students are eligible for the Men ACWY at their GP until their 25th birthday, we recommend having the injection before you start college / university or soon after if that is not possible.

Pertussis (whooping cough)

This vaccine is offered to women during their pregnancy between being 16 and 32 weeks pregnant. You can however have the vaccine from 32 weeks up until going into labour but we recommend having this as soon as you become eligible. Your midwife will let you know when you become eligible and you will then need to make an appointment here at the surgery to have this done.


The pneumo jab is given to patients who are at risk due to long term health conditions or who are over the age of 65, to protect against developing an infection called streptococcus pneumoniae that can result in pneumonia, septicemia or meningitis. If you are over the age of 65 we will offer you this injection, this is one injection and once you have had it will not need repeating. If you are eligible for the pneumo jab due to a long term health condition and are under the age of 65 this may be a one off injection or it may need repeating in 5 years.


Shingles is a vaccine offered to people who are aged 70 and 78 years old. Anyone who has previously been eligible for the vaccine but hasn’t had it yet is also still eligible this includes people who are in their 70’s and their birthday is after 1st September 1942 and also people who are aged 79 years old. You are eligible for the shingles vaccine up until your 80th birthday. Each year we write to our newly eligible patients inviting them to come in for the vaccine if they wish.

If you have not had any of the above injections but think you may be eligible please contact the reception team who will be happy to check for you.

Hepatitis B

Please be aware if you require a course of Hepatitis B injections for your employment it is your employers responsibility to provide this to you via their occupational health department. We can only immunise patients against Hepatitis B who are deemed to be “at risk”.