Procedure When You Attend The Practice

COVID-19 Procedure

  • The inner front door to the practice is locked. A member of the reception team will come to the door let you in and re-lock the door behind you to prevent unauthorised entry to the building.
  • If you attend with other people, unless you need physical aid or assistance during your appointment, we politely request that any friends or family who attend with you wait outside the practice so we can control the amount of people in the reception area.
  • You must wear a mask or face covering whilst in the practice. If you do not bring one with you, one will be provided. Those patients unable to wear a face mask will be required to wear a visor. The face mask / visor must be worn correctly throughout your entire time in the practice.
  • You may sit on one of the free chairs in reception. In order to social distance signs have been put on chairs not to be used to ensure patients stay 2m away from each other.
  • During your appointment the clinician will have placed the chair in a suitable position – please do not move it.
  • During your appointment the clinician will be wearing PPE – this includes a face shield, face mask, apron and gloves. Whilst we understand this is unfamiliar and strange looking, this is done to protect both our clinician and you. Our clinicians will not remove their PPE under any circumstances and please don’t ask them to.
  • Once your appointment is over, you should exit the building as quickly as possible. The clinician who you saw or a member of reception will let you out of the locked door and lock it behind you.