Salford Foodbank

The Foodbank is a free service for anyone to use who is in financial crisis. The Foodbank provides emergency food and basic provisions. The Foodbank works on a voucher scheme which can be given to you by us or one of the other many charities or services they work with.

For anyone who is eligible our reception staff can issue them with a voucher.

If during an appointment with us our doctors or nurse identify that you could benefit from this service they will suggest it to you, should you wish to accept the help they will ask one of our reception staff to complete a voucher with you.

The practice will not only be issuing vouchers to those who need them but we will also be a collection point for our patients or other visitors to drop off a donation. Donations will be gladly received and our staff will regularly drop off the donations to the Foodbank’s main building in Lower Broughton.

The Foodbank not only provides food but also other items such as sanitary products, nappies, toiletries, etc… The Foodbank regularly updates their website with items which they are more in need of.

Further information around what can / can’t be donated and all other information relating to the foodbank can be found on their website