Test Results

Please note for all tests we do not contact you if your result is normal.

You can also refer to our Test Results Triage.

Tests Performed At The Practice

Blood Tests

Most routine blood tests come back within 48 hours, some test results however can take up to a couple of weeks. Results are looked at every day by our doctors. Urgent test results are always actioned on the same day that we receive them. If you need a routine appointment with the doctor/nurse or your tests need to be repeated, we will write to you. If you require a prescription following your test results we will contact you by phone; if we are unable to speak to you that day we will send you a letter. Please only call us to check your results if you have not heard anything from us within 4 weeks.


Your ECG will be done with one of our nursing team, in most cases you will go straight home afterwards. If your result is abnormal, we may ask you to wait to see the GP or to come back later at a convenient time. If you have been allowed straight home we will contact you once the doctor has reviewed your result.

Urine / Faeces / Sputum –

Tests that are performed on these are usually looking for an infection, if your sample does not show an infection it will usually come back within 48 hours to say it is normal. If there is an infection this can sometimes take longer, usually 3-4 days. This is because of the time it takes to grow the bugs and test what treatment will be required to treat the infection. If you require a prescription following your test results we will contact you by phone; if we are unable to speak to you that day we will send you a letter.

Nail Clippings

These results take the longest to come back to us. We will usually get a result after 1 week with the initial findings, the laboratory will then send a final result once testing is complete. This can take 3-4 weeks after your sample was sent.


Your result will automatically be forwarded to you from the laboratory. This usually takes 2-4 weeks. If you have not received the result of your smear within 6 weeks then please contact the surgery. You may get an “inadequate” result which means you will need to repeat your smear in 12 weeks. If your result is abnormal you will be automatically referred to the colposcopy clinic by the laboratory for further investigation and possible treatment. If you receive a letter advising that your smear was abnormal and do not receive an appointment with the colposcopy clinic within 4 weeks, please let us know so we can chase this up for you.

Tests Requested By The Practice

X-ray and Ultrasound

Once you have attended for your x-ray or ultrasound, the result will be sent to us electronically. This can take up to 14 days. Once we have received your result this will be forwarded to the doctor. If your result is abnormal and we need to contact you urgently we will phone you. Routine follow up will be arranged by letter. If your result comes back normal we would not routinely contact you, if you do not receive anything from us and you are still symptomatic, it is your own responsibility to arrange a further appointment to discuss alternative options.

Tests Arranged By The Hospital

Many tests are arranged by people other than your GP; for example this could be when you attend A&E, during an inpatient admission or following an outpatient appointment. Please note we do not automatically receive results for tests that have not been requested by the doctors at this surgery. If you have had tests performed following an outpatient appointment please contact your consultant at the hospital for the result. We will only receive a summary of the result after you have attended for your follow up appointment with them.